Plan Cost Review

Pan Western and Company performs plan and cost reviews to help our clients mitigate their risk on construction loans. Our PCRs will help you to ensure that any given plans are constructible, that the costs for construction are realistic, and to ensure that payments are scheduled appropriately. Our reports are designed to provide the lender or investor with an objective evaluation as to the viability of construction projects whether new “ground up” construction, renovations, or adaptive reuse projects.

Site Inspections

Pan Western and Company provides periodic on-site monitoring of construction projects in order to evaluate the overall status of the project including identification of issues which would potentially impact its successful completion. A report is provided to thoroughly assess the status of the project and typically includes recommendations on funding.

Property Condition Assessments

Pan Western and Company performs Property Condition Assessments to evaluate the general “as is” conditions of the building and site. The reports address specific systems of construction, use of materials, equipment, and identifies areas that require remedial work, cases in which a further consultation or evaluation may be needed, and corresponding cost estimates. Our reports are designed to provide our clients with a well-organized and relevant evaluation of the property. The report is prepared in general conformance with ASTM 2018-15.

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