Successfully Building
Confidence for

Over 30 Years

Successfully Building
Confidence for
Over 30 Years
About Us With years of experience in the business we are confident our services will lead you to complete your next project successfully. WELCOME TO PAN WESTERN & COMPANY |
Leading the Market
with Expertise in
the Lending Industry
Our Services We unify the interests between lenders and developers to generate value, maximize return, and mitigate the risks. WELCOME TO PAN WESTERN & COMPANY |
Encompassing All Facets
To Ensure Structure
and Succcess
Our Services We calculate the risks, identify potential pitfalls and analyze every angle to avoid any unforeseen problems that could affect your project. WELCOME TO PAN WESTERN & COMPANY |

Evaluate Every Angle

Our services help to ensure that your investment is sound and that all angles have been considered for
project planning and management.

Our Expertise

While our projects come in all shapes and sizes, over 30 years of experience has led us to become
project consulting experts in the lending industry.

Weighing The Risks of an Upcoming Venture?

Let us help you mitigate any risks by drawing on our team’s expertise in reviewing, assessing, inspecting, and managing projects – no matter the size.

This Is What We Do

Commitment is given, but trustworthiness is earned. We are committed to providing superior service on projects of all sizes while adhering to stringent quality standards and creating value for our clients, but don’t just take our word for it. Experience the difference that working with Pan Western & Company can bring by reaching out to us today.

We Provide Profesional Services

To ensure that you reach your objectives, the collective expertise of our team administers and organizes
building projects of all sizes with an emphasis on new and existing construction.

Past Complete Projects

Learn more about what we have to offer through our portfolio of past projects from Multi-Family to Industrial facilities.

How We Can Help

We are a company committed to providing superior technical services to meet the needs and exceed the
expectation of real estate investors and lenders. Our services evaluate your projects, including
identification of issues which could potentially impact its successful completion.

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